Here's how you can onboard as an entity:

If your company is listed on a stock exchange, please contact us directly at because you qualify for a simplified onboarding process.
Otherwise follow the steps below.

1) A company legal representative opens an account with Lykke as a physical person and gets KYC-approved. Please click here to sign up.

2) Please submit Certified True Copies of the documents from the list you'll find below by email at Please mention the email you used when registering with Lykke at step 1.

Once we have received the information about your Lykke account and the corporate documentation, we will start the institutional KYC onboarding process.

The verification process is a standardized compliance measure for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTFFT) laws and regulations.

The KYC onboarding process for corporate accounts can take up to two or three weeks, depending on the complexity.

Documents necessary for institutional onboarding

1. Download and fill in the following forms:

- Onboarding questionnaire

- For operating companies

(more than 1 employee and physical office)Controlling Person Form

- For non-operating companies

(not more than 1 employee and no physical office)Beneficial Ownership Form

*Please use Adobe Acrobat to fill in the forms. Other software might cause errors in processing data.

2. Company registration certificate (Certificate of Incorporation)

It should indicate the legal address of the company

3. Extract from the commercial register database

Less than 3 months old

4. Organizational chart of the company ownership/structure

Include holdings, subsidiaries, etc.

5. Board resolution (or equivalent document, such as power of attorney) for the account opening with “Lykke”

It should state also who will be the authorized person to handle the account

6. Source of Funds: Supporting documentation on how the company acquired the assets (to be) deposited

7. Most recent audited financial statements of the company

8. List of all executive officers and directors (provide ID documents)

9. List of all individuals who (directly or indirectly) beneficially own or control 10% or more of the equity interests of the company (provide ID documents)

10Only for Operating Companies

Provide AML Policy, if available

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